Week 2 Barnabas Commission T-Shirt

Teen Commission

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This special commission is focused on helping young women in the fun yet challenging season of "teenhood"! Each week the Secret Sister will receive a hand written card as well as a small gift centered around encouraging her and building up her security in Christ Jesus.

All Commissions begin the following Tuesday.


You can also add an exciting Reveal Gift. Select from a variety of journals, a fun key chain, custom wreaths, Ice Cream box, or a designer Bible. If you choose to add a reveal gift it will be sent on the last week of the commission along with the note announcing who you are.



Week 1              

Kick Off with a Natural Life Magnet Postcard : Trust In The Lord or My Favorite Person

Week 2Inspirational Card & A Barnabas Commission T-Shirt
Week 3Inspirational Card & My Prayer Journal: Prayer doesn't always come easy for kids. Our guided journal helps pre-teen girls learn how to talk and listen to God.
Week 4Inspirational Card & Not a Fan: Teen Edition challenges young people to look at what it means to call themselves Christians and follow Jesus' radical call. They'll learn how to make Christ the center of their lives!


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