Vacation Bible School 2012

Tonight was my sons first experience at vacation bible school. For those of you that have grown up in the church you are very familiar with this summer time activity.However, if you are wondering what in the world I am talking about, let me explain.Vacation bible school or VBS is usually a week long event put on by a church for elementary to midschool aged children. It is full of fun, fun, fun and hopefully everything is centerd on Christ Jesus. It is about teaching the bible in an interactive, engaging way that will be memorable to children. Our church is very small but we had an amazing turn out tonight, about 26 children. This year the theme is a safari. So the evening began with a giraffe and parrot puppet show. Followed by some great worship songs, next was snack time, then bible story time, outside for a water game and the night ended with time in the classroom making a prayer journal. Tonight’s focus was prayer and that God hears us when we pray. What a good reminder. He really cares and is always listening. It is so humbling to learn the same lesson as my four year old, and to need it too. We both came home fired up on sugar and praise God, the Holy Spirit. I think this is going to be an amazing week and I am so excited to see God work in the lives of these children.

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