I need a sink


After many blessed years of homeownership we are having plumbing problems. My kitchen sink is clogged!! First of all the kitchen sink is a critical part of a functioning home. Especially with two small kiddos who are always eating and producing dishes that need to be cleaned. (and who am I kidding, I eat when they eat. I wouldn’t want them to get lonely). Secondly ,trying to unclog the sink without a paid professional is just, well gross. When my hubby took the pipes under the sink apart hoping it would be an easy fix a big mess of stinky water came pouring out…yuck! When the clog was not easily found we went to the plunger. Naturally this would push out anything blocking the pipe, wrong. Just more stinky water all over my kitchen. Ok, maybe Drano, that should do it. If we couldn’t wash it away or push it through we can burn it away with the all powerful Drano… nope. So now I have a stinky kitchen, dishes that need to be washed and still a clogged sink. Thirdly, call a plumber.

Thank you Lord for this humbling lesson in homeownership.

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