We are so close!

2 Days and a new little Baby Bishop will be here

Ok to begin with let me just say that isn't it strange how the last little bit of something you are waiting for seems to take the longest.   I have been in this hospital for weeks, and each day has seemed to move along rather quickly. Until this week that is, Monday was slow, Tuesday was SSLLOOWW and well Wednesday crawled by. But wonder upon wonder it is finally Saturday.  I am still sticking to my daily plan, and I have plenty of work to do but I actually found myself counting the second hand on the wall clock. BANG HEAD HERE..... 

The major event of the day was getting to put on a pair of my new cool socks from my great care package!  Thank goodness for those socks!!

We are so excited to greet our new arrival, the boys can't wait to meet him. 


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